I set this blog up a while ago, then decided that I had nothing really interesting or worthwhile to say. Then, after a particularly grueling 29 hours of non-stop painting (deadlines…the double edged sword of Creatives who want to eat), it hit me that maybe, just maybe, people would be interested in reading about the emotional and mental aspect of the creative process. The successes, the near failures, the happy accidents and the death throes of the emerging work. Warts and all…

Some days will no doubt be more “interesting” than others.

For those who found this blog through my web site, you already know what my artform is. For those who found my blog through a random search, you can see what I do on my web site, Whispering Eagle Studio

Then there’s just the plain silliness. I have a knack for turning the Everyday Ordinary into the Monumentally Stupid. Things have a way of going horribly wrong, horribly fast – leaving me standing – more often sitting – and wishing I could turn back time.

I hope other Creatives will read and hopefully relate. Artists tend to look at the world a little differently. A very close friend (and fellow artist) never misses the chance to remind me that our “normal” isn’t normal…but it’s OK.

When I’m not doing either of the above, I can be found in front of my computer and three monitors designing and developing websites, and doing graphic design. Curious? Then visit Third Raven Design and check out my geeky self.