Taking the Plunge
longtail decoy still life mug by lori corbett whispering eagle studio

Longtail Decoy Still Life Mug

So, I’ve decided to “go commercial”.  I refuse to subscribe to the ethos of “starving artist / designer / whatever”. It’s time to use my education, and get my stuff out there. Prints are one way for the fine art stuff, but I’ve also got some cool graphics that wouldn’t work as “wall art”, and can be repurposed. Yup, I’m still gonna carve, but I’m also going to embrace my other hard-earned skills, because let’s face it – carving alone ain’t gonna pay the bills (in my case, anyway). I fought this decision more than I realized, and I honestly felt that by not carving exclusively, I was somehow betraying myself, as well as those that know me only through my carvings. I feared losing their (your) respect, friendship and following. That’s a very unfair assessment. Even branching out into website design/development felt like a betrayal of my “art”.

Carving is still a huge part of me, and always will be. It’s going to be a challenge to rebuild the goodwill and reputation – in fact, it will be more difficult than the initial building (and so casually destroyed). That’s just the simple truth about regaining trust.

How stupid is it to identify so strongly with one skill that you suppress the others? That having those skills was a negative? That, my friends, was the place I was in when I stopped making art, then began my Journey back to it. Maybe you saw it, but the revelation gut punched me. There are things and attitudes and thinking that must be cut loose.

And I’m scared as Hell.

But it’s time to embrace that I am a creative, skillful (talented may be a stretch), silly, head-in-the-clouds (and sometimes in my ass), geeky, flighty, and dramatic – in other words, a chaotic – being, and all can co-exist politely, because kicking the shit outta one aspect weakens the others. In fact, it’s time to stop thinking of these things as “each”, and understand that “each” is an inseparable and vital part of “one” – me.

SO – at the suggestion of a new friend – you know who you are, Kelly – I’m giving merchandising a shot. I’m opening up a store on Zazzle, and offering some of my designs and artwork on usable stuff. Not everybody can afford an original, and making a living on one-offs is freaking hard. Prints from my fine art pieces will still be available in very limited editions (because fine art printing is expensive), but selected pieces will also be offered on functional stuff. I’ve ordered products from Zazzle, and the quality is excellent.

For those of you who subscribe to ChaoticSoul, I won’t spam you with posts every time I add a product and post about it here (though you will see new products posted on my Whispering Eagle Studio Facebook page if you’re following me there). If you’re interested in my stuff, I trust that you’ll check my store or come here to see what’s new. If you want a design on another product, , and I’ll make one for you and send you the link.

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  1. Lori Corbett
    Lori Corbett says:

    HA! It’s been a long journey back, but I’m gonna get there. You should see my studio right now – it’s in pieces…stuff everywhere. I don’t know how I got all of that stuff in there, and I have NO idea how I’m gonna get all of that stuff back in there…LOL. The Great Purge is still going on.

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