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    8/10 (45 valutazioni) - Download Flowplayer gratis. Flowplayer è un riproduttore di file in Flash per pagine web. Scarica Flowplayer gratis per embeddare video. Download Flowplayer Inserisci facilmente i video in flash sulla tua pagina web. Se possiedi un sito web e vuoi riprodurre qualsiasi video FLV in flash nel. download flowplayer windows, flowplayer windows, flowplayer windows download gratis. FlowPlayer Licenza: Freeware Dimensione: KB. In questa pagina trovi il link per scaricare gratuitamente il programma. Grazie per aver utilizzato. FlowPlayer permette di riprodurre filmati FLV nel tuo sito / blog.

    Nome: flowplayer
    Formato:Fichier D’archive
    Sistemi operativi: Android. iOS. MacOS. Windows XP/7/10.
    Licenza:Solo per uso personale (acquista più tardi!)
    Dimensione del file:20.49 Megabytes


    Per aggiungere clip video in flash o video in diretta in streaming al tuo sito web, è possibile scaricare una versione gratuita oa pagamento dell'applicazione Flowplayer.

    Una volta scaricato, installare l'applicazione Flowplayer nella cartella principale del tuo sito web, caricare i file video MP4 formato al tuo sito e inserire un frammento di codice in ogni pagina Web in cui si desidera visualizzare video clip. È possibile utilizzare la versione gratuita di Flowplayer su più domini di siti web, ma l'interfaccia lettore visualizza sempre il logo Flowplayer.

    In alternativa, selezionare una versione a pagamento e senza marchio del software per un singolo dominio del sito web, il sito web più domini fino ad un massimo di domini, o di un numero illimitato di domini. Per scaricare una versione a pagamento, fare clic sulla casella di controllo conferma che l'utente accetta i termini e le condizioni di Flowplayer.

    Fare clic sul pulsante di opzione accanto l'opzione valuta preferita. Fare clic sul pulsante di pagamento "PayPal".

    You need to copy this CSS into your theme style sheet:. FV Player Pro comes with a money back guarantee so you can even try the commercial no-branding version risk free. Or make it work first with the free versions. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.

    Come scaricare i video di Flowplayer /

    Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed. Traduci nella tua lingua. Hai qualcosa da dire? Ti serve aiuto?

    Problemi risolti negli ultimi due mesi:. Chiedi nel forum di supporto. Fai una donazione per lo sviluppo. Vai al contenuto WordPress. Remembering video position both both guest users and members API for custom video fields easy AB looped playback for your visitors great for teaching sites improved and more powerful playlists more playlist features coming soon. Automated checking of video encoding for logged in admins FV Player is a completely responsive WordPress video player.

    Custom start and end screens are built right in. You can use your own custom design before and after the video. Enjoy unlimited instances in a single page. No expensive plugins: unlike other players who nickel and dime you for every feature, with FV Player all advanced features are available in the standard license Google Analytics, Cuepoints, Native fullscreen, Keyboard shortcuts, Subtitles, Slow motion, Random seeking, Retina ready Single site pro license available JW Player requires five pack for full features Ultra-efficient player: just kB of JavaScript and 10kB of Flash code.

    Built-in Flash fallback will get the job done on older browsers while HLS. Totally Brandable. Stop selling YouTube and start selling yourself. Even design your own player. Supports video intelligence video ads To remove our branding and add your own branding and get access to additional pro support, you can buy your own license here.

    Additional Technical information Core video engine: open source Flowplayer 7. Default options for all the embedded videos can be set in comprehensive administration menu. In comparison with WordPress Flowplayer plugin, there are several improvements: Allows user to display clickable splash screen at the beginning of video which not only looks good, but improves the performance significantly.

    Allows user to display popup box after the video ends, with any HTML content clickable links, images, styling, etc. Includes advanced built-in social sharing. Inexpensive pro support available. Includes an advanced built-in video encoding and theme checker to make sure your videos are encoded properly and your site is set up for video playback. Additional Documentation at Foliovision.

    If AutoPlay is set to true, you can ignore this setting. Enable Full-screen Mode — select false if you do not wish the fullscreen option to be displayed.

    Allow User Uploads — select true if you like to upload new videos via Media Library. Enable Post Thumbnail — select true if you wish the screen shot appear as post thumbnail. Works only when uploading new splash image via Media Library.

    Convert old shortcodes with commas — older versions of this plugin used commas to sepparate shortcode parameters. This option will make sure it works with current version. Screenshot schermate di esempio FV Player different skin options FV Player shortcode in post content It's easy to use our shortcode editor to add videos Plugin settings screen Video checker helps you find issues with your video encoding.

    Blocchi Questo plugin fornisce 1 blocco. Download and unpack zip archive containing the plugin.

    FAQ 1. This should be related to your video format or mime type issues. HTML5 is pickier about what video it can play than Flash. Player buttons are gone — there are only square symbols. How do I fix the bad metadata moov position? In general we recommend you to re-encode your video as per our instructions , but here are some quick tools: If you are using Mac, try Lillipot just remember to rename the file back to.

    Are there any known compatibility issues?. It will likely report an issue like: It appears there are multiple Flowplayer scripts on your site, your videos might not be playing, please check. There might be some other plugin adding the script. You need to get rid of this script. FV Flowplayer will handle all the videos inserted by the Live Edit. Does this plugin support Shoutcast?. Your player works just fine, but there are some weird display issues. Fullscreen is not working properly for me.

    How to make this plugin WPMU compatible?. Is there a way to force pre-buffering to load a chunk of the video before the splash screen appears?. My videos are hosted with Amazon S3 service. How can I fill the details into shortcode?. I would like to localize the play again button. Currently there is no support for other languages.

    Where can I change the default directory for videos?. How do I insert flowplayer object outside the post, for example to a sidebar?

    How can I style the popup or ad? Is there a way to remove the share embed button? My videos are taking long time to load. Check your hosting for download speed. Try to use different settings when encoding the videos, try to turn on the cache when encoding with Quick Time How can I change the play icon?

    How can I change position of my custom logo? Volume control in player looks weird. How can I customized the player control bar? The other options are: no-mute no-time no-volume No worries. You can always downgrade to version the Flash version delete the plugin then grab older version here and install from the ZIP file.

    If you downgrade to version 1. Contact us via support. We will help you to get FV Player 7 working in your environment. You need to copy this CSS into your theme style sheet: iframe. Thank you for being part of the HMTL 5 mobile video revolution! Developer did a great job! Everything work fast and smooth! This is an amazing plugin seriously, check these guys out. Or, if this is now a premium feature, please update the plugin documentation.

    I spent over 15 hours testing this plugin, and everything was GREAT, except I can't use this plugin until the above is sorted out. Best of luck to you. In fact, just by bringing attention to this in my review has me wondering if I'll be blacklisted from purchasing a license forever—which is unfortunate because I really, really, want to buy their Pay-Per-View license!

    FV Flowplayer Video Player

    The crew at FolioVision are super helpful. The developers are very active on their support forum, and they have wonderful step-by-step documentation to get you up and running with a streaming solution via AWS and Flowplayer.

    I've never created anything like a streaming platform, but I went from nothing to streaming a 40 minute video in a single weekend thanks to AWS and Flowplayer. I'm not gonna pretend like it's super easy doesn't take technical expertise—I work in development professionally—but their documentation makes it very accessible even for non-professionals. If you're working for a non-profit like me, they also offer a generous discount assuming you have proper documentation to verify your non-profit status.

    Worth every penny. It bothers you with Video Check option pop-up ok great you say, I can check it first Collaboratori FolioVision.

    Ti interessa lo sviluppo? Changelog registro delle modifiche 7. Until now it was only possible to put in videos using MP4 format without any kind of download protection. Quality Switching — improving the label for qualities in range of p HD if there is no higher quality, otherwise SD Bugfix — iOS video recovery issues in playlists 7. It was preventing FV Player from working in these themes.

    It applies to desktop computer displays — minimal width of pixels. Proper fix coming in FV Player 7.

    Very useful for lightboxes which show inline HTML or iframe. Pro users need to upgrade FV Player Pro as well if they experience slight display issues. CSS — only loading if FV Player is found in the posts which are about to display or in any active widget or if there is some image for lightbox. Lightbox for images — supports srcset to make sure properly sizes images are loaded into lightbox view SEO — support for Schema.

    End Popup — making sure it works on the last item in playlist only Speed control — making sure it works for Android when using Firefox Vimeo Pro — showing a notice to install Firefox if user has playback issues due to TLS 1. Clicking it gives your visitors a link to the exact place in the video they are watching.

    Clicca sul link "Strumenti" nella barra dei menu e quindi fare clic su "Add-ons. Fai clic su "Aggiungi a Firefox" e attendere per Firefox per scaricare il file di installazione del plug-in.

    Firefox installa il plug-in e si richiede di riavviare il browser. Fare clic sul pulsante "Restart". Lasciare che il video da caricare nel lettore e iniziare a giocare.

    Fare clic sul pulsante "Pausa" sul lettore. Fare clic sulla barra degli strumenti o barra di stato l'icona di Firefox per il plug-in video downloader.

    Naviga sul web privatamente come dovresti fare

    Verrà visualizzata la finestra del browser o il file "Salva video" "Salva con nome" sullo schermo. Add-on come FlashCatch e applicazioni plug-in come Ant Downloader ti permettono di scaricare video da molti siti di condivisione video, inclusi quelli che utilizzano il lettore multimediale Flowplayer.

    Salvare il file di installazione dell'applicazione add-on o in una cartella del computer. Chiudere Internet Explorer dopo aver scaricato e salvato il file. Passare alla cartella che contiene Internet Explorer add-on o plug-in dell'applicazione. Fare doppio clic sul file e seguire le istruzioni sullo schermo per installare l'applicazione video downloader in Internet Explorer. Riavviare il computer se richiesto.